I Cannot Thank Adrienne Enough!

We have bought and sold a couple of houses and the process is never easy.  Adrienne came highly recommended to us by a close friend and I simply could not have asked for a better partner in the experience.  I call her a partner because she truly was just that.  I had to leave early for Texas to get set up in my new job and that left my husband to carry the burden of de-cluttering, packing and showing our home.  In our first meeting with Adrienne, I explained how the whole process had overwhelmed me to the point of tears in our first selling venture and that my husband would not react well to a repeat of that performance, especially given his resistance to change in general.  She not only made me feel at ease, but she put my husband at ease (a true testament to her ability to connect with people!) She made it clear that she would handle anything we didn’t have the time or energy to handle and she made good on that promise.  Throughout the process, she acted as an advisor on what she thought we could do differently to stimulate traffic and offers and once an offer was received, she helped me sort through the mountains of inspection paperwork and requests to arrive at a price and condition that was fair and agreeable for both parties.  I hope I never have to sell a house again without her counsel and I only wish I could have stolen her to help us purchase our new home in Austin too.  She will forever be a trusted friend to me and to Scott. I will recommend her to everyone I know in the Raleigh area.  I really cannot thank her enough for all she did!
Robin and Scott