If I had to do this whole process over again, it would be with Luis.

“My partner and I began looking for a house around the summer of 2022. We had no idea where to start; we just started browsing Zillow and driving around Saturdays looking for open houses. We had a very unorganized approach because we didn’t know what we were looking for (aside from a fenced yard for our dog).

Once I asked Luis for help in our search, he straightened our approach. He explained what we’d need from the lender before we put in an offer, showed us an app that organized what houses we wanted to see, immediately booked showings when we expressed interest in a property, and was always readily available when we had questions. Luis was up front and honest about the ups and downs of all the properties saw, checking the crawl space, looking for signs of leaks, and analyzing the present and future value of the property. Being first time home buyers with little to no money for a down payment, Luis went above and beyond to work personally with our loan officer to get an appraisal estimate before the appraisal occurred.

We ended up finding our dream home because Luis brought it to our attention before it went on the market. After the first visit, we knew the house felt like home. We could see ourselves there for the long term. Luis negotiated with the sellers to reduce the asking price and cleverly leveraged our position as renters into a seller possession agreement that made all parties happy. Even now, after closing. Luis is available to help in matters that arise.

Luis worked as a Real Estate Paralegal for several years before transitioning to become a realtor, so he has a broad experience in the legal side of real estate. His breadth of knowledge and skills navigating the field are very comforting at a time when you’re looking to purchase the most expensive asset of your life. He’s hard working and always available and ready to answer questions or go to a showing. If I had to do this whole process over again, it would be with Luis.”
-Katie & Chris