Jordon Glover – Alex & Asher

by | Aug 30, 2022

This week I met with the founder of Alex & Asher, a local, family run company that services specialty food and beverage equipment. However, Alex & Asher is more than just a maintenance company, they focus on future forward solutions to problems and education programs in order to elevate the usage of specialty machines such as espresso machines, specialty pastries, taps for bars and so much more. “Our goal is to help elevate systems used at specialty shops and that doesn’t just mean the machinery” Glover stated, “You need both the proper tools and the proper training, most companies offer one of these things; we offer both because we believe one without the other is a disservice to yourself.”
 Glover comes from a background in coffee, being a barista turned maintenance man he came to the conclusion that the systems could be better. “As a barista of course I knew how to ‘use’ an espresso machine. It wasn’t until I started repairing them that I really learned how much they could do and what a difference it made in the coffee. In other countries, coffee is a luxury item but we take advantage of it here when it could be so much more,” Glover said. It was this philosophy that led Jordon to go to his brother [Jarod Glover] who comes from a tech background and found Alex & Asher in 2021.
I asked Glover his biggest obstacles forming a new business and what tips for success he has for this area. He responded, “building you business is hard and you have to work to not let the negativity of failure sway you. My tip for success in this area is to be more open to new ideas and opportunities, it’s easier to get into a new concept in Raleigh compared to other places because of how open the people are.”
Jordon and his brother have a lot of new ideas coming up on the horizons and plan to keep building and expanding their business. I for one, will be happy to continue to see them grow and thrive. If you know of a business that could use their expertise feel free to reach out to them! Here’s their site:


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