Julie Negotiated So Amazingly Between My Four Siblings And Me So That We Were Still Close After The Sale Of My Mother’s Home!

Our family was devastated when our mom died. However, it was time to sell the house that we all grew up in in Raleigh. I have four brothers and sisters and we all had to agree on what to do. My daughter knew Julie from previous work experiences and so we contacted her. From the moment we spoke to her we loved her and knew that she was the one to help us get through this tough time. It was not easy at all getting all of us to agree to various terms but Julie somehow managed to do it.  She was a master negotiator with not only the buyers agent but between my brothers and sisters and me. In the past it has been hard for us to agree to much but Julie made the selling process so easy and included us all in on everything that I was incredibly surprised at how well she handled the situation.  I know we weren’t easy but she never hesitated or got frustrated with us. Thank you Julie for helping us get through this and still remain family at the end.