The other day I got a message from one of my clients, Heather Bridgers. She is the founder and CEO of Just for Kixx, and regularly refers business to us. For those of you who haven’t heard of them before, Just for Kiix makes Kiix Keel Protectors, a remarkable new product designed to invisibly protect high heels from wear and tear. If you have high heels you NEED Kiix!


Kiix 2She emailed me to tell me about Just for Kixx’s latest opportunity with Saks Fifth Avenue in Triangle Town Center. Saks was holding a special Manolo event, and invited Heather to participate! She was able to be a part of the event as a customer, but was also given the opportunity to introduce Just for Kiix to everyone who came.


Everyone loved her product, and gave it rave reviews, and best of all if YOU buy a new pair of heels at Saks Triangle Center this month, you’ll get a FREE pair of Kiix as well! Head on over there and check them out!


To read more about the event, Click Here. For more information on Heather and Just for Kiix, check out their website at


Thanks Everyone!