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by | Nov 7, 2017

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Driven, focused, joyful, and overall impressive! These are just a few of the adjectives that came to mind after my sit down with Kassondra Kantz.  I honestly could not have been more impressed with Kassondra, and her accomplishments within Mary Kay. By the time we finished talking, I was ready to get a makeover and a ride in the pink Cadillac!

It is not everyday that I run into what I call, “natural born leaders”, individuals that seem to have the passion and ability to inspire others wired into their DNA.  She is so full of joy and excitement that it is simply contagious. She is quick to credit Mary Kay and the amazing “women of excellence” she surrounds herself with as a continuous inspiration.

We all strive to have conviction and purpose in our lives and many of us search for years trying to figure this out, if we ever do! (I know I must have had about 25 life desires!!) But I do believe that if you are open in your heart to the power around us, you might just experience something that whispers a sudden truth to you.  In listening to Kassondra’s story, I felt like this is what happened to her.  She was divinely directed, and her heart was open and ready to receive it.

At 15 years old, she happened to attend a Mary Kay party with her mother.  Through the course of the party, shemary Kay came to realize that what she wanted in life was the financial stability of her entrepreneur father, along with the flexibility in lifestyle of her stay at home mother. She said she just somehow knew that becoming a National Sales Director with Mary Kay was her life calling.  So on her 18th birthday, she signed up with Mary Kay and has never looked back. Her conviction was so strong that choosing Mary Kay over attending college was not even a decision. Her complete commitment to success was rewarded when she earned her first pink Cadillac at age 21.

Her goal of becoming a National Sales Director with Mary Kay, was also part of her motivation to relocate to Raleigh from Pennsylvania at the age of 24.  She arrived in Raleigh without knowing a single person here, but said the community was so receptive and alive it made it easy to get to know plenty of people. She tickled me a little when she mentioned one of the main reasons for moving from Pennsylvania to Raleigh was, “ The Weather!”  I must say as a Realtor, this is probably one of the biggest reasons, I hear from clients, for moving to North Carolina from northern states.

Kassondra says, “I literally picked up a map, and said I want to be in the south, but not too far south. I would love to be near the ocean, and near the mountains, in a city that has enough opportunity to allow me to build the business I desire. And Raleigh was it!” She continued, “I love to explore the new restaurants, which we have a lot of, the bike trails, and Umstead Park. There is just a lot to do, and I have made great friends here!”

I would encourage you to meet Kassondra, because she has tremendous insight on what it is like to relocate to Raleigh, as a 24 year old that does not know anyone.

I would encourage you to meet Kassondra, because she can show you how to take Mary Kay to the level of “life changing!”

But primarily, I would encourage all of you meet Kassondra if for nothing more than to just be inspired!

God Bless,

You can reach her at: www.marykay.com/kkantz


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