Hunter Rowe’s Home Selling Partners are unique home selling strategy we have created to more effectively market homes.

97% of homebuyers in the triangle area rely on a Realtor® to help them find and purchase their home.  83% of homebuyers first became aware of the home they bought through their Realtor®.  Not surprisingly then, the best way for a listing agent to market a home is to make sure other agents are aware of it, so they will be more likely to sell it to their buyer. At Hunter Rowe, we do this by identifying the busiest agents with the most clients, and proactively offering to preview their listings in order to try to match them up with our buyers. In return, they do the same for us.  We also ask for, and give, straightforward no-nonsense feedback (“tough love”) to help each other get better.  By working as a team we get more showings from more buyers and sell homes faster and for higher prices.

A great example of one of our home selling partners is Kelly Hufstetler with Spencer Properties.  She is a very busy, successful agent, and she is great about getting out to see my listings and making sure her buyers know about them.

Kelly Huffstettler

One of my buyers bought her listing at 3036 Falls River last month:

3036 Falls River

Kelly previewed my condominium listing in Brier Creek at 9221 Calabria last week.

9221 Calabria

And I previewed two of her listings in Bedford this morning including 10130 Thoughtful Spot …

10130 Thoughtful Spot

… and 3113 Falls River.

3113 Falls River

We are working hard to bring each other more buyers! 🙂