Now that summer is in full swing and school is out, it’s a perfect time to kick back and relax!  And there are so many great ways to do that here in the triangle.  Raleigh has an abundance of ways to enjoy the outdoors close by or just a short road trip away.

If you love being on the water, like my family, you will enjoy the convenience and size of Kerr Lake just a short drive up 85 North (about one hour).  Take your boat and put in at any of the public boat landings.  Follow this link to the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation for Kerr Lake information.  There are so many coves and islands you can dock your boat, explore, and splash in the water.  We have even cooked out on occasion.

If you don’t mind driving a bit further and prefer the ocean over the lake, head to Morehead City.  I explored it recently for the first time after many years here in the triangle and fell in love with it!  Even the drive down was filled with beautiful scenery.  A wonderful day trip.  Follow this link to see what Morehead City has to offer.

Unfortunately we can’t always get in the car and escape our busy lives in Raleigh.  So when I need to relax, I escape regularly to my own sanctuary in my back yard.  I have a wonderful screened in back porch that is quiet and relaxing and an awesome pergola in the yard that my husband built for me.  I love eating out there this time of year.  Wrapping up a busy day with a light meal with my husband is the ultimate in relaxation.  Every home should have a retreat space.  Tell me about yours!  And if you want help finding a home with a space like mine, please call or email me.  I would love to help!

Henderson Point Boat Docks at Sunset J. Williams (2014-06-)

Henderson Point Boat Docks at Sunset
J. Williams (2014-06-)


View of a pier in Morehead City. (photo from

View of a pier in Morehead City. (photo from