Kristin found us a house with all the magic we could hope for! 

Asher Home

My wife and I have purchased and sold six houses over the past 45 years.  Some moves were done seamlessly and others were, well, a near disaster.  The common denominator for every move was the quality of the real estate agent we chose.  Finding the “perfect” real estate agent early in your search is no easy task.  Yet, we found there are some early indicators that reflect if the real estate agents you are talking to are on the same page as you are. Do the agents listen attentively to the description of the house you are hoping to buy? Do they really know the housing market in the area that you are interested in? Do the agents check in frequently? And last but not least, do they give you the time and space to reflect on what house has the right “magic”? We found this and more in Kristin Vore.

We very recently purchased a house in north Raleigh.  Kristin, and her partner Christy, gave expert advice and had an uncanny ability to match us with the right house, at just the right time.  Never in the past did we have such terrific mentors, advocates and most importantly, real estate agents who found us the best house with all the magic we could hope for!

-Steve and Sue