leave-it-to-us home staging & home improvements to sell your home quickly

When selling your home you cannot do it without Barb and SallyAnne of Leave It To Us.  At Hunter Rowe we call these ladies our “Home Improvement & Staging Specialists.”  Once I have met with my sellers and started the process of preparing their home for sale, I schedule Barb and SallyAnne for a 1 hour consultation.  During this consultation, Leave It To Us, will go room to room with the home owners walking them through a list of homework items they need to complete in order to have their home ready to be “staged” and marketed for sale.  They do offer to manage the project for clients who would rather not have to coordinate contractors and other professionals to do the work needed to prepare the home.  Barb and SallyAnne understand and know what buyers are looking for so they can help my sellers make their home appealing to the majority of buyers.   Their expertise and attention to detail makes my listings stand out head and shoulders above the rest.