Luis Bello’s Calm Mindset Gave Us The Confidence He Would Get The Job Done

Our Real Estate Agent Luis Bello from Relevate was truly exceptional. I was impressed with his level of knowledge and the amount of information he  had about the market. It was a no-brainer for us to work with Luis since we were  set on buying in Raleigh Greater Area and I’m so thankful I did.

Our Agent Luis Bello was ALWAYS available for home tours. His responsiveness was incredible. My wife Isabel and I purchased a newly constructed home so I needed a great negotiator to get  a straightforward deal. Luis told us about  the concerns he had and the research they wanted to do to make sure progress was being made so we wouldn’t have to wait for a long time to move in.

He did an incredible amount of information gathering about the process, status of city and county inspections, and reviewing all the non-standard documents that you get when you are buying new construction. He  really treated the situation like he was the one purchasing the property – always  looking out for us and our  best interests in mind.

Real Estate Agent Luis Bello’s  cool, calm mindset kept our anxiety low and gave us the confidence he would get the job done – and he did!

Finally his promptness, knowledge of the market, strategic mindset, kindness, good energy made the purchase process simple. We will always recommended him to anybody looking to buy a home. When we are ready to buy again I will not hesitate to call Luis Bello


Luis was on top on every step!

"Luis was referred to us by a fellow countryman that bought his first home with him and we are pleased with Luis' assistance as a full...