Marilyn is the best of the best!

I believe that referrals are the best evidence that a customer is happy with his or her service.  Ever since the completion of our home buying/selling experience my wife and I have referred several acquaintances to Marilyn Tschudi, telling these acquaintances, “In our book, Marilyn is the best of the best!”  We were incredibly satisfied with our interactions with Marilyn, for she provided superior service in several areas.

First, Marilyn’s knowledge base was impressive.  Not only did she know the ins-and-outs of the mechanics of buying and selling a home, she also was familiar with the technical aspects of upfitting an older home to meet our needs.  

Second, Marilyn’s response time to any questions or concerns we might have was impressive.  At times we felt guilty contacting her after hours and on weekends, but Marilyn, without fail, always responded quickly.  Marilyn stayed in constant contact with us throughout this process.

Third, Marilyn always operated with our best interests in mind.  My wife and I, being novices in the real estate game, never thought we would actually receive our full asking price on the home we were selling; in fact, we felt that the price that was set might have been a bit unrealistic.  However, Marilyn pulled through for us and not only helped us negotiate a full asking price, but also negotiated some terms on the purchase of our home that were highly favorable for us.  

Finally, there were no “surprises” in the timeline of our buying/selling experience.  Marilyn gave us a basic timeline, and that timeline proved to be a realistic roadmap of the journey that was ahead of us.

Realtors who deal daily with the buying and selling of property may, after a while, forget how inherently stressful this experience can be for those of us who do not operate in the real estate world.  However, our stress was alleviated greatly by Marilyn’s professionalism, experience, kindness, and sensitivity throughout this process!  

–Chad and Darla





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