Back in 2009, my fiancé (at the time) and I began searching for a home with Michael D. During this time, Bank Owned homes were the only ones we could afford to look at, and they were going fast and over list price. Most of the homes we saw were in pretty tough shape. We knew we were going to have to spend more on remodeling after our purchase to make it a true home. 

When we walked in, we knew this one could be the house. Unfortunately, it had a big crack running through the vaulted ceiling which I think would have scared away many people. Not Michael D. 

Michael had helped us keep an eye out for what was truly a red flag, instead of what was just unsightly but fixable throughout the 5 other offers that we made before finding “Our” home. 

So when faced with what could have been a deal-killing sight, we took his advice and had a structural engineer look at the crack. He explained that it was because of expansion and therefore cosmetic. 

We made our offer and won in a multiple-offer bidding war. Hooray. 

Then we got the news that the Agent should not have been advertising the house at all because of a tax lien, and the contract was canceled. 

I don’t know what any other agent would have done, but Michael D. started calling that listing agent every week to make sure that when it was ready to sell, we were first at bat. 

Finally, the day came when Michael said that they were ready to accept offers again. Inside of 24 hours, we had all of the paperwork signed and back over to the other side. Then 6 weeks later, we moved in. 

I can honestly say that I don’t believe that we would have ended up with that home through all the challenges if not for Michael D’s work ethic and experience behind us!

We lived in and loved that home for 13 years until we decided to move out of the country. Leaving that house was one of the hardest parts of the move. When we had our wedding IN THE BACKYARD, Michael was one of only 25 people invited. 

He is Family!

Over the years, we have referred countless friends and family to Michael in California, and now if we know of anyone in Canada moving to North Carolina, he will still be our number one call.


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