Stacey & Mike

Stacey and I met while we were both working at Eastman Kodak Company, me in Experimental Film Manufacturing, and Stacey at Kodak office downtown. Her father Bill, who was a manager in the same building as me, introduced us (see below, he and I working on a project at our lakehouse).


He described me to her as “diamond in the rough”.  So Stacey and I started doing fun things together, Bill took me golfing and Stacey’s mother Sandy (below) cooked all this great food for me, and next thing you know…


Stacey and I were married March 21, 1992, in Rochester, NY.  I remember it was extremely cold that day, which is one major reason we moved to Raleigh together in 1995.


Fast forward a couple decades, and this is us in New Orleans for our TWENTIETH anniversary.

New Orleans 20th Anniversary

We like to have a date night once a week, no other couples allowed, usually dinner where we have nothing distracting us from just talking.

Just so you know, if I’m ever in the middle of talking to you about selling or buying a home, I’ll never answer my phone. Unless it’s Stacey calling, because she gets special treatment.