My Daughter Julia’s iPhone Photography

Julia does amazing iPhone photography and videos. I don’t know how she learned to take pictures like this, but I’m sure proud of her. I’m going to make a display of these for my office.

Yellow Flowers Close Up

Wow. What a beautiful sunset in Raleigh.

Beautiful Raleigh NC Sunset - Colorful Trees and Amazing Sky


This one might be my favorite – such a cool perspective of grass!

Grass with Sun Shining Through - Nature iphone photograph


The candles on our kitchen island at home when we lost power during the storm the other day.

Warm Glowing Candles - iphone photography


A picture of the new Michael Kors watch we got for mommy during our NYC family vacation. Looks like a catalog picture.

Michael Kors Watch close up

Ray-Ban wants this one.

Red Wayfarer Ray Ban Sunglasses

Simple, but amazing.

Vibrant Yellow Flower Close Up - iphone photography


Cool angle on a tree.

Raleigh NC City of Oaks - Tree Photography


Julia’s friend riding off into the sunset.

biking during sunset in Raleigh NC


I will post more pictures as she takes them! Her iphone photography just keeps getting better and better! 🙂