Chua Van Hanh (Buddhist Temple) in Raleigh is a place I like to visit when I need some peace to get some thinking done.  Being surrounded by a bunch of smiling Buddha is sure to cheer anyone up.  The most traffic comes around the special Buddhist holidays when the environment is more festive than usual.  They are currently building a new and improved temple on the same site!

Buddhist Temple

The four most observed holidays in Vietnam including  Celebrate Tet (the Vietnamese New Year), Tet Trung Thu (Vietnamese Mid Autumn Festival),  Le Phat Dan (Buddhist birthday), and Le Vu Lan (Vu Lan holiday) are always very festive and busy around the temple.

Celebrate Tet (the Vietnamese New Year)—  Many people gather at the temple to welcome the new year and also make their wishes for the coming year.

Tet Trung Thu (Vietnamese Mid Autumn Festival)—the second most popular Vietnamese holiday, the Mid Autumn Festival, occurs on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar near the autumn equinox – mid September to early October. Most groups celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival on a weekend.

Le Phat Dan (Buddhist birthday)- is the anniversary of the Buddha was born in a garden -ni Lam-rested , in 624 BC , took place on April 15th lunar month every year.  People celebrate to honor his birthday.

Le Vu Lan (Vu Lan holiday)- is a chance “reminder” of our future generations to remember and thank our mother’s for giving birth to us.  During the holiday celebration, the people with living moms will wear a red rose and the ones with deceased moms will be wearing white rose.

The temple is located at 4229 Forrestville Road Raleigh, NC 27604 and is open on Sundays from 11:00-2:00 PM and for special holidays.