Nothing Like a Mother’s Love

by | Jun 24, 2013



Our sweet Hershey

When Jed and I were dating we had the extremely difficult conversation about some things that were non-negotiable if we were to get married.  For Jed it was to have a dog and for me it was not to have a dog, especially not in the house.  Well 3 years later I have the 2nd love of my life Hershey, a “chiweenie-mut” (Dachshund, terrier and Chihuahua mix).  I went from No dog…to no dog in the house… to no dog on the furniture…to no dog in the bedroom…to snuggles with Hershey in bed every night!   Then a year later Jed said that it was important for Hershey to have a sibling, someone to play with and to keep her company.  How am I falling for this again?  So four years later we are proud parents of both Hershey and Charley, our babies.  Charley was a pound puppy that we rescued.  But to be honest I wouldn’t have worried about him if we didn’t rescue him. He is a handful; he would have made it on his own just fine!  Charley is a mix between a Chihuahua and a Chinese Crested.  Have you ever seen a Chinese crested?  They are ugly hairless dogs…but Charley…steals your heart. So I am a proud mom of two adorable puppies I couldn’t live without if you paid me!



Sadie snuck up on us at my son's baseball game (she picked us, that's why her name is Sadie). We were just minding our own business and...