Nothing Like a Mother’s Love


Our sweet Hershey

When Jed and I were dating we had the extremely difficult conversation about some things that were non-negotiable if we were to get married.  For Jed it was to have a dog and for me it was not to have a dog, especially not in the house.  Well 3 years later I have the 2nd love of my life Hershey, a “chiweenie-mut” (Dachshund, terrier and Chihuahua mix).  I went from No dog…to no dog in the house… to no dog on the furniture…to no dog in the bedroom…to snuggles with Hershey in bed every night!   Then a year later Jed said that it was important for Hershey to have a sibling, someone to play with and to keep her company.  How am I falling for this again?  So four years later we are proud parents of both Hershey and Charley, our babies.  Charley was a pound puppy that we rescued.  But to be honest I wouldn’t have worried about him if we didn’t rescue him. He is a handful; he would have made it on his own just fine!  Charley is a mix between a Chihuahua and a Chinese Crested.  Have you ever seen a Chinese crested?  They are ugly hairless dogs…but Charley…steals your heart. So I am a proud mom of two adorable puppies I couldn’t live without if you paid me!