Pete Demorset

by | Jul 29, 2015


Pete Demorset

Jenkins Restorations

My family recently moved to Raleigh so that I could run a branch for Jenkins Restorations, an insurance restoration contractor. I was given the option to work in several states, but from everything we had heard and seen about the Raleigh area, this seemed like a great place for my family.

We are currently renting, but plan to buy a home in Wake Forest because it’s big enough and close enough to Raleigh that we can take advantage of the many attractions a city can offer, yet it still has a small-town feel.

Jenkins Restorations works with homeowners after they have had a catastrophe, such as a water leak or fire, in their home. With their insurance company, we restore their home back to its pre-loss condition, or better. We deal with all types of claims, both large and small, because we understand that even the smallest disruption in someone’s life can be a big deal.

My one tip for success is to always be ready and flexible. You never know what’s going to come your way or what opportunities may arise, so do not get stuck in what you are doing today because it could change tomorrow. Our favorite thing about the Triangle is all of the sports options that are so easily available. Just five minutes north of our house, there is a place called The Factory, and it holds two ice rinks, an indoor soccer field, YMCA branch, kid’s gymnastics, etc. Our boys will be playing baseball in a month and our daughter will be in club volleyball – and it’s all just minutes away!


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