I Wanted To Make Executive Level Income

by | Nov 22, 2023

I decided to get into real estate as a professional career because I wanted to leverage my time and my energy and my knowledge.

I wanted to make executive level income, without going through the bureaucratic mess of the corporate world.

I wanted a brokerage that had really well-thought-out processes and systems that I could leverage and make my own. I wanted to create a business that would give me a predictable income stream, that I could rely on whether the market’s up, or whether the market’s down. 

When I joined Relevate, I found the systems and processes I expected, AND the support I was used to in the corporate world and as a military officer. Everything they explained to me came true. Business started to happen, income started to happen, and eventually within a relatively short amount of time, my business grew exponentially. Agents at other places who started around the same time that I did had very limited success, even in a very good market. And now, even in a down market, I’m having my best year ever.

Part of who I am is I want to share what’s good with other people. I want other agents to have the same experience I’m having, to have the exponential growth I’ve experienced. If any of what I’ve said resonates with the questions you’re asking, I’m happy to have a conversation. Reach out to me, and we’ll set up time and I’ll explain what my life has looked like here and what you could expect here as well.

Pete Marston      |    919-780-9945     |     pete.marston@relevate.life