Sadie snuck up on us at my son’s baseball game (she picked us, that’s why her name is Sadie). We were just minding our own business and all we did was pet her a little, then hold her, then play with her, and well, look at her. We couldn’t help it. We took her home just to “watch her for a night”. That was five months ago.




We don’t know what she is. A purebred of whatever she is. The first of her kind. Some Lab, maybe some Setter. Long legs, likes to chew. A lot. Good watchdog, which is what Daddy wanted.

Sadie with Toy


Another of Julia’s pictures. You’ll see them a lot in my posts.




Stacey didn’t grow up with dogs. Now she can’t imagine being without one.

 Sadie with Mommy         

We’ll never ever forget Guinness. Best dog in the world for 15 years. We miss you so much!!