Rebecca was a huge part of our good fortune!

We were relocating from out of state and it was a super scary process for us to be searching for a home in a place we never lived – and really barely visited. From the first moment we spoke with Rebecca, she was able to give us information extremely quickly about the homes we were interested in and the surrounding area. She would send us detailed emails summarizing the home, the area it was in, and whether it fit our criteria and this condensed information made us instantly feel more knowledgeable about Raleigh. Rebecca’s organized, efficient, responsive approach put our over-excited nerves at ease.

Ultimately, we felt like we were gifted a unicorn of a situation meeting Rebecca because we were able to find a house that met our needs in less than a week after meeting with Rebecca! Her sound advice, knowledge about the area and experience as a fellow transplant to Raleigh really helped us feel comfortable during a crazy house hunt. A huge unexpected bonus was that Rebecca shared so many good tidbits about places to explore in the Triangle that we are still working through them months later!

We now feel like we are experts in North Carolina home buying and real estate in general thanks to Rebecca. We got really lucky in this market and know that Rebecca was a huge part of our good fortune!

-The Warnekes