Rebecca went to bat for us time and time again!

We loved Rebecca right off the bat, hitting it off and easily chatting during our initial zoom meeting. Home buying is such a huge decision and we wanted to make sure we worked with someone that we trusted, liked and felt comfortable with — and it was clear Rebecca was that person for us. She is responsive and clearly explained every step about the home buying process. She always answered our questions fully and quickly. Her explanation and navigation of the due diligence process was extremely helpful and the first time we fully understood the concept after being lifelong North Carolina homeowners!

During our search Rebecca really listened to what both of us needed in the home, heard what was most important and made a point to ensure both of our needs were met. This made us feel even more comfortable because Rebecca was our eyes (and nose) from a distance since we were handling the process remotely from Asheville. No matter how many homes we saw, Rebecca took her time to answer all questions and show us all aspects of the property so we knew how much she cared about finding us our forever home!

When it came down to making the offer we always would ask Rebecca “should we do it?” or “is this the one?” Rebecca would respond by not just providing us with the comps and discussions of the pricing of the home, but also questions personal to us that helped us determine “is this the right home for us?” This exercise always made us feel like Rebecca was looking out for us and helped us make a smart decision in this market instead of a decision about emotion.

After securing our dream home, Rebecca went to bat for us time and time again during the due diligence period to make sure that we got the necessary repairs in a market where negotiations are extremely tough. As homebuyers we wanted to make sure someone is there to advocate for us, educate us and make us feel comfortable and Rebecca did just that!

-The McKinney’s