Saira made it all feel possible!

About a year ago, we decided we wanted to get into real estate investing, but we had no idea where to begin. Once we met Saira, things started to happen. She made it all feel possible, listened to our goals, connected us with the right resources and opportunities, and helped us land contracts on several properties in a highly-competitive environment. With each purchase, we would not have gotten the contract if we had not been working with such a dedicated and astute agent.

Saira has supported us at every stage of the game, including finding good properties, analyzing the investment potential, helping us to win the bid, obtaining financing, and coordinating closing on the property. After the sale, she was still on our side connecting us with reputable contractors, helping us to determine appropriate rent and find capable property managers.  In addition, she is talented at staging homes for rent or sale.

Saira has helped us to navigate the most competitive market in recent history. She is hard-working, intelligent, and savvy. Less than a year after meeting her, we’ve developed a portfolio of investment properties that has exceeded our dreams. Without having her on our side, we know that we would not have been successful in finding properties and winning bids.

Any time we’ve had a question, she has been responsive and informative. She is great, and she has a great team behind her.

She helped us to put together solid bids and get the sellers to know who we are and consider our offers.

Saira maintained ultimate professionalism and helped us to keep our emotions in check during challenging times working with difficult sellers and agents.

-Shelly & Eugene Cline