Savvy Sales Professional Sonal Savani Joins Hunter Rowe!

Meet Sonal! 

“I am from southern California and moved to North Carolina 10 years ago. My daughter is a senior in high school and we have a very stubborn pug, Louis, who we love dearly. We enjoy hiking and exploring new parks and taking our dog to new places. 

Traveling is a passion of ours, and we try to go back to California at least once a year. My daughter and I also love visiting the beach when we can, and are incredibly excited for our next big trip to Europe! We really enjoy the fall in North Carolina and the fact that there is not a lot of seaweed at the beaches here!”


How did you get into real estate? 

“I have been in sales for a long time now, I love to talk and meet with new people. Previously, I owned my own salon franchise, and wanted to do real estate back in 2013, but it wasn’t conducive at that time. Once the opportunity arose again, I jumped on it! 

Working with realtors in the past, I wasn’t impressed with the service I received and wanted to join the industry and change that sentiment. I believe that people should treat others how they want to be treated and go the extra mile. Real estate should be more than transactional, it is my goal to make it personal and make my clients comfortable. I am incredibly excited to join the industry and help people achieve their home ownership dreams!”


Why did you join Hunter Rowe? 

“I talked to some other firms, but ultimately decided on Hunter Rowe because I liked the training and love the people here. Every person I have talked to, whether in person or on zoom, are genuinely good people and you can feel it. From Sales Agents to Client Service Managers, everybody is licensed at Hunter Rowe, which is phenomenal!  

Being a new agent, there is a lot to learn, and most agents do it without any support system, which can be scary. The firm speaks volumes for itself with its success of working by referral. The company is composed of a great group of people willing to help each other. We’re a team – it’s a big team, but nonetheless, everyone is so supportive. I chose Hunter Rowe because it had values I want to grow my business with!”