Smooth and Painless Relocation Thanks to Kristin!

Brown PhotoKristin Vore has been our awesome realtor for more than 3 years. She has stayed by our side as we were attempting to sell our original home in Raleigh and as we tirelessly attempted to locate a new home in the area. When my job required us to unexpectedly relocate to Virginia, Kristin still remained in touch. Hence, when we discovered that we would be moving back to Raleigh, our first call was to Kristin. We immediately knew that we wanted her to help us with this transition. During our conversation, Kristin made it a priority to understand our housing needs. One key “ask” was that I wanted to be in our new home by my birthday in late June, which was two and half months away. Not shy to a challenge, she was all-in on trying to make that request a reality.

In April 2018 we made our first house hunting trip down to Raleigh.  In partnership with Christy Evans, we got to work on touring locations. We made two formal trips back to Raleigh for house hunting purposes and even an emergency last minute day trip. Not once did Kristin or Christy complain. They always arrived with a smile on their face ready to calm our fears and our thoughts. By May, we had found our home. And on June 6, 2018, we were closing on this new property. In every way, Kristin and Christy helped make this process smooth and painless. And even more impressive, thanks to them we were able to make the near impossible request of moving before my birthday a reality.

The process of moving and purchasing a home can be daunting. However, if anyone were to ever ask us about our process, our story would be filled with nothing but praises and humorous tales about our many adventures with our realtors.

Thanks so much for being great!

Erika and Andretti Brown