Sold in 2 Days for $27K Over Asking!

Prior to our house going up for sale, we interviewed several Realtors to try to find the individual and agency that made us feel comfortable with the entire process. Our decision to go with Saira was driven by our gut feeling that we would be selecting an agent who would be giving us her undivided focus and attention as well as keeping our best interests in the forefront allowing us to be comfortable throughout the entire process. Saira provided personalized service and smart strategy from the day we first interviewed her through closing.

Constant two-way communication started with establishing a timeline of events, instructing us on how best to prepare our home and her in-house staging team put the “icing” on our home. Her support and strategy continued through listing and ultimate sale of our home in 2 days*! We received numerous solid offers but we accepted one Saira was able to escalate to $27K over asking price (in a neighborhood with a reputation for slow sales and under asking offers).
Saira’s attention to detail and work ethic provided us the level of comfort we were looking for at the start of our efforts. Her direction/recommendations, negotiations, along with processes utilized by Hunter Rowe did not disappoint!
Our deepest thanks go to Saira and her team for doing an excellent job and guiding us through the entire process.
*After preparation completed. Data as reported by MLS, see