Click on each home buying tip for an in depth explanation!

1. Get Your Financing Figured Out Early

Visit our Home Buyer Financing Guide!

2. Start Early

It’s important to start your home search early because if you start looking too late, you might buy the wrong home.

3. Walk the Neighborhood Before Making an Offer

Before making an offer and committing to purchase a home, take a few slow walks through the neighborhood at different times of day.

4. Know Your Criteria

Tell your real estate broker everything you want in your next home. Check out our list of criteria to think about!

5. Understand DOM and $/SF

DOM is “Days on Market” and $/SF is a great way to compare homes of different prices and sizes.

6. Know Where to Find the Best Deals in the Raleigh Area

Due to oversupply, there are certain places around the Triangle where you can get an excellent deal.

7. Understand Short Sales and Foreclosures

If a homeowner stops making mortgage payments, the bank will eventually foreclose on the property, taking ownership and listing it for sale with a real estate agent.

8. Understand How to Determine the True Value of a Property

A home is worth whatever a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to accept.

9. Ask Two Key Questions in a Competitive Situation

“If we lose this property at this price, will I regret not offering more?” and “If we get this property at this price, will we regret paying that much?”