There are lots of ways to stay in shape and have fun! Here are just a few options for fitness in Raleigh area I’ve personally enjoyed:

6. Join a Pool Club

Your neighborhood might have one, or you can join a club like Seven Oaks Swim & Tennis in North Raleigh. You might have too much fun to exercise though.

5. Walk Around Lakes

The first day we set foot in Raleigh 16 years ago, we walked around Shelley Lake in North Raleigh. Lake Lynn is another great lake for walking.

Shelley Lake Top 10 Raleigh Fitness NC

4. Ride a Road Bike

My friend (and the best lender in the Triangle) Steve Hobbs and I used to ride road bikes together until he got way to fast for me. There are many less-traveled roads in the Raleigh area and dozens of our clients bike several times a week alone or as a group. For example, the Hibernian Cycling Club gets together for rides, followed by socializing at the Hibernian Irish Pubs in Raleigh and Cary.

Top 10 Fitness Raleigh NC - Hibernian Cycling Group

3. Join the YMCA

My family has been a member of the YMCA for 15 years. I’ve been playing basketball there with a great group of guys twice a week (or more) for the entire time. Stacey does five classes a week. Julia and I had a great time at Indian Princesses when she was younger. Indoor and outdoor pools, sports leagues and summer camps.

YMCA - Top 10 Fitness Raleigh NC

2. Take a class at Burn

Stacey knows good quality workouts. She loves Burn.

Top 10 Fitness Raleigh NC - Burn


1. Try out Iron Tribe

This is my current workout-of-choice, and maybe the most intense but fun workouts I’ve ever done.

Photo Credit: Hibernian Cycling Club, YMCA of the Triangle, Burn Athletic, North Raleigh Iron Tribe