Top Ten Things To Do in Wake Forest

by | Mar 11, 2024

If you are visiting WAKE FOREST or looking to make the town your new home here in The Triangle, checkout this hotlist of places to go, things to do, and business to support!

1. Historic District: Wake Forest has an expansive historic district, including the Glen Royal Mill Village. These homes have existed in 1899 and bodes impeccable architectural style like pyramidal and shotgun.

2. Restaurant- Shorty’s: Shorty’s has been around since 1916 and is located in the heart of downtown Wake Forest. They are known for their hotdogs, burgers, and historic aesthetic.

3. Restaurant- Plant Cakes: Looking for vegan or plant-based sweets? Plant Cakes has doughnuts, muffins, scones, cupcakes, cakes and more. There is both indoor and outside dining, as well as ice cream and coffee. And if you’re really lucky- you’ll catch them on cinnamon roll day. (They are HUGE!)

4. Shopping- The Cotton Company: Need a gift for someone? Want to shop for local and handmade items? Or just want to see an incredible space and art gallery? The Cotton Company is a local hot spot for vendors. Check out all the numerous individual booths + the gallery on the far side of the building. They also have an incredible venue space upstairs for weddings, parties, and more!

5. Restaurant- Dairy Depot: Dairy Depot is a local icon, and their incredible selection of ice cream flavors is unmatched. Enjoy a train wreck in the patio area or grab one of their seasonal creations and tailgate in the parking lot. It’s amazing year-round!

6. Activity- Fantasy Lake Adventure Park: This phenomenal water park is a newer addition to Wake Forest, but has made quite the splash since opening. The 100 acre lake hosts water activities and scuba diving sessions!

7. Activity- The Factory: Want to ice skate in the middle of summer? Need to shop at some incredible local stores? Want to throw axes, play golf, or laser tag? Visit The Factory for all those activities and then finish it off with a beer at Lonerider, a sandwich at Village Deli or ice cream at Two Roosters

8. Activities + Restaurants- Strike & Barrel + Page 158 + Lemon Tree & Over The Falls: Traditional Bowling, arcade games and simulators all in one. Strike in Barrel is a massive facility with snacks and drinks as well! Once you’re done playing games, head over to Page 158 for a new book, and then fill your bellies with food from Lemon Tree Cafe or Over the Falls. (Definitely try the wings at OTF!)

9. Activity- Holding Park Inclusive Playground: This inclusive park just opened in March of 2024! It’s design was intended to accommodate for wheelchair usage, as well as sensory needs and safety w/ full perimeter fencing.

10. Wake Forest ICON- Mr. Bone Jangles: This Wake Forest icon is located in front of the Southeastern Seminary campus at a nearby historic home. He is typically in his tire swing decorated for various seasons, holidays, and events.

Of course, this isn’t everything there is to see in Wake Forest! Need more suggestions? Send us a DM or an email and we can connect with more ideas for your visit around town.


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