I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Trist Bittikofer, owner of Blue Sky Volleyball and operations director of Chapel Hill Area Volleyball Club (CHAVC). She started her business, Blue Sky Volleyball, in 2012 though her volleyball career extends further back. Tristy had a fantastic playing career, going as far as to represent the USA on a professional international tour in Turkey! Her love for the game drove her not only to start up her own business but to coach youth travel club volleyball at a multitude of clubs around the area before finding her home at CHAVC, effectively combining the sport she loves with the area she loves.

For those wondering, what is Blue Sky Volleyball? What Is CHAVC? Well, Blue Sky is all about beach volleyball, they host a sand tournament once a month and also offer training for junior players. CHAVC is a youth travel volleyball club, providing the opportunity to play and compete at an elite level against teams around the country. Teams are separated by age group, ranging from twelve and under to eighteen and under age level.

When asked how she’s been able to run such successful businesses, Tristy responded a big part of it is the traits she looks for in who she hires, “I look for warmth, and the ability to connect with others, especially in my coaches. Volleyball experience is great to have but not the most important thing because It’s not about WHAT you do but HOW you do it. The best coaches know this.” Tristy first moved to the triangle for love and then set up her roots here as that love grew due to the diversity and opportunity around the area. Her tips for success include seeking out everything the triangle has to offer (music, food, entertainment, sports, etc.) and networking “when you have the opportunity to connect, do it, the people here area amazing and you end up with a lot of support.”

Tristy plans to continue running Blue Sky, teach private volleyball lessons and remain a director of CHAVC. Providing means for others to grow and play the sport that she loves for years has made Tristy a staple in the community and truly a local area leader in the triangle!

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