Buyers consider bathrooms a key selling point in a house, especially in the master suite area. It is one of the most used rooms in a home and can have a large impact on buyer’s decisions to purchase your home.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, today’s bathrooms are more elaborate and luxurious.  These preferences are common among buyers of move-up and luxury homes, but the trends also trickle down to entry-level homes in the form of upgrades and options in addition to remodeled resales. Buyers will inspect and remember the quality of your bathrooms no matter the size of your home.

Some bathrooms in homes we have sold needed complete remodeling while most only needed small improvements to bring it up to today’s standards. We want to create a space where buyers can envision themselves comfortably living while keeping in mind how to best make a return on your investment.

Follow these low-cost bathroom renovation tips for home selling that have a large impact on a buyer’s emotional pull to your house:

Eliminate brass.  Brass fixtures and shower trim make a bathroom look extremely dated regardless of how nice everything else is.

Add new faucets.  This can add new sparkle with a low cost. Choose a market friendly option in either brushed nickel or silver.

Add new mirrors.  A trend seen today is having two separate smaller mirrors over each sink instead of having one large mirror across the dual vanity.

Paint your vanity and replace the top. If the vanity is in good condition, this option can save money and still give a completely new look to your space. Granite is a great affordable option that gives a high-end impression.  Miracle method is another possibility for refinishing the vanity tops, especially for hall bathrooms that don’t have quite as much impact as the master.

Install new hardware. Change out the pulls on your vanity and replace towel holders and toilet paper rings.

Install new fixtures. Pretty vertical wall sconces polish off the upgraded look and brighten the area. Good light is essential in bathrooms.

Deep, deep clean. Use a professional cleaning service to get rid of all built up residue. Have them pay special attention to edges, caulking, and grouting.