We always suggest to buyers to drive by homes they are considering to ensure they like the neighborhood.  If they are comfortable with the homes’ surroundings, the landscaping has a huge impact on whether a buyer requests to set up a showing or simply crosses the home off their list of possibilities.

Follow these landscaping tips to sell your home which will create great curb appeal to potential buyers:

Spread new mulch. Use dark brown “triple-shredded stained bark.” The stain keeps it looking better much longer. Pine straw is cheaper but it also looks cheaper.

Plant many, many flowers. More than you think you need. Flowers may be the single best investment you can make to sell your home.

Remove basketball goals, play sets, and tree houses. These will turn some people off, and no one will ever say “I would have bought that home if only it had a basketball goal.” If you have a flat driveway they can install one themselves. Especially remove trampolines. They make many mothers nervous.

Powerwash & Clean! Remove all cobwebs and debris from the sides of the home to ensure your home looks fresh and well-maintained.

Plan ahead.  If you are interested in selling your home in fall, don’t spend a ton of money landscaping in the spring.  Try to finish your landscaping right before the listing goes live to ensure it looks its best when it hits the market!

Beware of any trees that are very close to the home.  Trim them back or cut them down completely. Buyers do not want to have worry about the possibility of a tree falling into the home!

Keep it simple. Don’t intimidate potential buyers with an over-abundance of plants they will have to maintain or by planting tons of exotic flowers they do not know about.

If you are interested in having some landscaping done, please let us know and we can refer you to a great, affordable landscaper we have worked with for many years!

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