Painting your home to sell with market-friendly colors is an essential part to preparing your home for sale as a “move-in ready” property.  Fresh paint gives an overall new sense to the home while making it feel larger and more inviting.

Sometimes home-owners use too many colors which chops up the home and can make it feel much smaller than it truly is.  We neutralize the color pallet and makes the home feel larger by introducing consistency and increasing the flow from room to room.” – Barb

Follow our “Painting your home to sell” guidelines to ensure the best result!

Remove Wallpaper. Buyers today strongly dislike wallpaper, except for a very subtle pattern in the powder room.

Start with a warm toned neutral or gray color pallet and select slight variations to give your home some variety while still being consistent.  We suggest using a darker variation to accent the dining room if there is one. These colors make your home look more expensive and help white trim really “pop.”

Use an eggshell finish on the walls. Semi-gloss is great for trim, but can easily show imperfections and be slightly overwhelming when used on a larger surface area.

If you are painting yourself, be sure to do all the necessary prep-work including cleaning the walls and properly patching any holes.  However, unless you have experience painting, we typically don’t suggest this since the hassle of painting yourself is often much larger than letting a professional do the work. Let us refer you to our painter who does an amazing job for a great price.