From 12M With No Life to 29M With Amazing Life Balance

by | Nov 28, 2023

Before joining Relevate, I was already making a LOT of money, but I was also working a LOT of hours (70/week no exaggeration). I realized

“This is exhausting and I need to find another way of doing this business.”

I think a BIG misconception in our industry is that in order to grow, you have to build a team. I did do that, I built a team of five people, they were getting half or more of the business, and because of the management responsibilities I was working more than ever. So I went from tired and busy, but just worried about me, to even more tired and busy and also less money in the bank!

Building a team wasn’t the solution. I was looking for EASE of managing my business, having it be EASY and NOT difficult, NOT time consuming, and NOT expensive. I did meet an agent who was running her business in a different way, and over coffee she went through what she was doing differently, and I just remember feeling like it was a breath of fresh air, because it did allow me to see another way of being in the business that I love.

I thought it was an amazing solution.

The transition was easier than I could have imagined. My business grew from 12 million to 29.4 million, my take-home income increased dramatically, and because of all the marketing and client service support, I now actually have a life. I’m weightlifting. I’m having ladies night.  I’m playing golf.

Then I have this lovely seven year old daughter, and I’m seeing her for long periods of time every single day. And all of my client relationships are very deep.

I want everyone to hear there are other options for how to run your real estate business. I want to talk with you about it. I’d love for you to reach out to me, text or call me and set up a time. It can be really easy and fun. So please, let’s try to connect soon. I’d love that.

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