High Production + Balanced Life

by | Dec 14, 2023

I went from new agent to $10 million in annual volume at Relevate, in only nineteen months. At the time, that was just crazy to me, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that could happen. But even better, I also have a very balanced life.

Those two things,

Top producer production and a balanced life are at two ends of a spectrum that really don’t line up in the minds of most real estate agents.

But at Relevate it actually plays out. You can actually see it happen. And it’s super simple to do. Relevate has a very different system that makes that possible. 

My family:  my mom, kids, siblings, grandkids, are nowhere close to where I live in the Triangle. So to see them as much as I want to, I need the flexibility to travel. Here, I can do real estate from the road, because I’ve got great team behind me. And that team was hired, trained, and is managed, all by Relevate.

And what’s really incredible about my team, is they wake up every morning thinking, “How can I make Tara’s business better?”


There IS a better way to do real estate. Relevate has unlocked the key for how to  reach all your financial goals AND have really great work-life balance. I’m surrounded by other top producing agents here that want to help me in every way, and I really enjoy helping the new agents who have joined us.

I’d be glad to share my experiences with you, if that would help your career. Just email or text me and we’ll set up a time to chat.

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