I Had No Anxiety During This Slow Market

by | Nov 28, 2023

Earlier this year, when interest rates increased and the market started slowing down, I thought a lot of agents were going to start feeling that pretty significantly.

I personally didn’t have a lot of anxiety really just because of the system and the strategies we employ here.

So I’m actually very happy with my production this year, especially given that I’ve taken a lot of time off for personal reasons. There are two main differences between how I’m running my business now, and how I used to run it before.

First, all my people and contact information are organized, and marketing to them is planned for me a year in advance, for every month. The marketing team just handles it and it’s seamless. All the campaigns are tested and tried out. So you know it’s going to work and you can rely on it. That takes all the brain work out of it for me. I just pull up the app on my phone and it tells me who to call, and even what to say if I need it, and it just works.

The second big difference is I have my licensed support team here to do most of the showings and client service, but I don’t have to worry about hiring or training or managing them. That’s all done for me, so I ACTUALLY HAVE THE TIME AND ENERGY to DO the marketing that’s been set up for me.

Running my business with this system, it’s easy.

I want EVERYONE to hear there are better ways to do real estate.

And so I want to talk with you about it and answer your questions. I’d love that. It can be really easy and fun. So pick up your phone right now and call or text me, and we’ll get together for coffee or lunch, or maybe wine 🙂  I can’t wait to talk with you.

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