Decluttering & Staging Your Home

by | Jan 24, 2020

Importance of De-cluttering

Once you have made improvements to your kitchen, master bathroom, flooring & paint, it is time to highlight these features that add perceived value to buyers  by decluttering and staging your home.

“Live like you are on vacation,” says Barb from Leave It to Us, “and remember the Golden Rule: ‘Less is More”.

De-clutter by taking anything and everything that you do not need out of the home.  De-cluttering will make the home look more spacious and well-kept. Additionally, it gives buyers the impression that you are easy to work with, put-together sellers who take care of their of home.  Don’t worry about making it look warm and cozy, that will be accomplished with staging.

If necessary, use a storage unit.  Many of our past sellers have success with temporary storage units.  Don’t stuff everything in the garage or storage areas, as you want buyers to easily access these areas and see that there is room to grow.

Take down pictures of family members so buyers can more easily imagine their family living in the home. Also, take down hallway wall hangings to free up narrow space.

Hide kids’ toys and belongings instead of leaving them in visible site.

Take almost everything out of closets. Keep only the absolute minimum to present ample amount of closet space.

Remove any evidence of pets!

Now that the home is free of extraneous personal belongs, our Home Improvement Consultants from Leave It To Us will come in to stage your home. They offer a professional opinion of market friendly items to use gathered through years of experience. Good staging will:

  • Include furniture only if it is as of good quality or better than the home.  A home can be vacant but still feel cozy and inviting with a few strategically placed items.
  • Use current, up-to-date, simple art and accessories.
  • Make buyers want to keep seeing more.
  • Create a warm but bright, open feeling throughout.
  • Highlight upgraded areas such as kitchen/master baths.
  • Allow the buyer to feel as if they can envision their life in the home.
  • Appeal to as many buyers as possible.




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