How to Have a Great Career in Real Estate Without selling

by | Aug 14, 2023

I’m really glad to know you are interested in a career as a residential real estate agent, that’s fantastic. Normally, in order to make money as a real estate agent, you need to SELL and SELL and SELL. Because … selling is the only way to get clients, and without clients you do not have anyone to do all the fun real estate stuff for. And, without clients there are not closings, and without closings there are not commissions, and without commissions there’s no money for anyone to get paid. And, after a while, working without getting paid becomes kind of  “unrewarding”. Right?

Do not get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with selling. I mean, thank God for those who do want to sell because, as Henry Ford said, “Nothing happens until someone sells something”. But what if you do not want to sell, but you still want to have a paying career as a residential real estate agent? Is it hopeless to hope that there’s a way to make good money doing all the fun real estate stuff, without having to sell?  No, actually it’s not hopeless to hope for that at all.   



In fact, we, Relevate Real Estate, really need and value people who want to do all the fun real estate stuff, without having to sell. In fact, we pay good people to learn how to do real estate, and then we pay them for every hour they work, including overtime, even if the client they’re helping does not end up buying a home. If you are interested in learning more, stay tuned, and I will give you all the information about this position 🙂

The two positions we have for licensed agents: Sales Agents and Client Services Managers

Sales Agents are real estate agents who are good at selling and like to do it. Relevate has invented many incredible tools to help Sales Agents sell a LOT of homes. In fact at Relevate we ONLY accept Sales Agents who are either ALREADY Top Producers (meaning sales of $10M or more in homes annually) or those who have the ability and determination to achieve that level within a couple of years. Now, I will tell you the secret of Relevate… one of the best ways we help our Sales Agents sell so many homes is to take other, non-selling activities off of their plates, activities such as showing homes and doing research and scheduling and attending inspections and closings. That is where Client Service Managers come in.

Client Service Managers (also referred to as “CSMs”) work as equal partners, teammates, with the Sales Agents to SERVE the clients that the Sales Agents bring in. Now, it’s very important to understand that these clients are NOT “handed off” to the CSMs. The relationship between a Sales Agent and the CSM is like a Doctor and a Nurse or PA, working together to serve the client. The Sales Agent remains ultimately and legally responsible for serving the client, but he or she gets extremely qualified help from a CSM who is an equally licensed and qualified teammate, so the Sales Agent is freed up to sell more and bring in more clients, to keep everyone busy.

This team arrangement is set up and managed by Relevate. It’s pretty simple. We pay licensed agents to learn how to be Client Service Managers, we partner them up with Sales Agents, and then we pay the CSMs every two weeks, including overtime, for every hour they work. As they do good work they get regular raises. The CSM position DOES include paid vacation, holidays and a 401k program.


How to Have a Great Career in Real Estate … Without Selling


Frequently Asked Questions the Client Service Manager Role at Relevate Real Estate:


What is the difference between a Buyers Agent and a CSM?

A Buyers Agent is responsible for calling leads assigned to them by a team leader and trying to convert them into clients. The Buyers Agent works with the leads they convert, and if the person buys a home they get paid about 40% of the commission. On average, only about one out of 40 leads closes, so the Buyers Agent can end up doing a lot of unpaid work. Client Service Managers, on the other hand, do not do any selling and they get paid for every hour they work, guaranteed. Also, Buyers Agents do not get paid training or vacation or holidays or 401Ks.


What is the difference between a CSM and a Transaction Coordinator?

Transaction Coordinators do much more limited work than Client Service Managers, usually only scheduling inspections and closings and arranging repairs. They usually do that for many different agents at a time. Client Service Managers, on the other hand, have a much closer, team relationship with only one or a few agents and are deeply involved with each client and get to know them closely. Client Service Managers do almost all the showings, and do almost everything for the clients, except getting the client in the first place and negotiating contracts.


What is a typical day like for a Client Service Manager?

Client Service Managers control the timing of much of what they do. Most CSMs even control the timing of showings, inspections, and closings (because they are the ones in daily contact with the clients). Relevate has extensive checklists and detailed processes for almost everything we do for our clients. The job of the CSM is straightforward: making sure, every day, that we are keeping up with those checklists and processes for every client they are working with. If we do that, then we can have FULL confidence those clients are being well taken care of, and we can all sleep peacefully at night knowing we did a good job. Once a week, normally on a Tuesday, each Client Service Manager meets in person for an hour or two, with the Sales Agent (or Sales Agents) they support, and together they call each client to check in as a team just to make sure everything is going perfectly.


What is the complete list of everything a Client Service Manager does?

In general, Client Service Managers do everything except get the client and negotiate contracts.

For buyers, that includes attending the initial consultation with the client and taking notes about their criteria and needs, searching for homes on MLS, scheduling and attending showings, doing research for the client, keeping in regular touch with the clients and Sales Agent to keep everyone on the same page, recommending client service strategies to the Sales Agent, writing up, delivering, and filing all agency and contract paperwork, scheduling and attending inspections, arranging basic Due Diligence Repair Agreements, scheduling and attending closings, including reviewing Closing Disclosure paperwork.

For sellers, this includes attending most listing appointments, entering listing data into MLS, arranging for measurements, photos, and staging, gathering showing feedback, responding to basic repair requests and scheduling repairs, reviewing the Closing Disclosure, and attending closing.

How To Have An Amazing Career In Real Estate Without Selling


Why haven’t I heard of this position at other real estate firms?

Well… because we have actually invented a new better way to do real estate for top producing agents, which enables them to earn much more take-home income, and at the same time have an incredibly better life balance. The innovative systems and support team that make these advantages possible for top producing agents are ONLY available at Relevate. We believe that very soon hundreds, then thousands of top producing agents across the United States will take notice and join us. 

The CSM position at Relevate is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to be valued and appreciated and have an opportunity to grow. In fact, most of our management team started here as CSMs and got promoted. 

I hope this information was interesting and helpful for you. If you want to know more about this position, contact Mary Cornelius at

Why Choose Relevate Real Estate?

Relevate Real Estate stands out from other firms by offering an innovative approach to real estate that benefits both clients and professionals. The CSM position provides a rewarding career path for those who want to contribute to the industry’s success without solely relying on sales. With competitive compensation, paid training, vacation, holidays, and a 401k program, Relevate values its CSMs and provides a supportive environment for growth.

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