I Wanted To Be Successful QUICKLY

by | Nov 9, 2023

When I decided to get into residential real estate, it was important for me to know I could be successful quickly. Relevate was the only firm that had systems and processes specifically designed to help new agents become top producing $10+ million dollar agents in just a couple of years. It all made sense to me. And there were plenty of examples of other people who had followed this process and became very successful quickly, which proved it wasn’t pie in the sky.

So, I had the confidence of knowing that if I did the work and I did everything that was in my control, the results were going to come. I set a super aggressive goal to sell $10 million in my first year, and I came very close, I sold $9.3 million, which made for a fantastic first year.

Now, there was an even more important factor for me. I had a young child when I started, and I didn’t have any other family support here. So the biggest thing for me was that I didn’t have to do it all by myself.  Relevate has a support team of fully licensed agents who jump in whenever I need them, to take care of my clients to the highest standards. That was just invaluable for me.

It hurts me to know agents are at firms where there aren’t solid processes, where there isn’t great support. I believe in sharing good things with other people. So if any of this resonates with you, call or text me and we’ll get together for coffee or a walk. I’ll help you all I can, and no matter what, we’ll each have made a new friend.

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