Although 89% of buyers in the triangle use a real estate agent to purchase a home, the number of online searches for homes has drastically increased (253% in the last 4 years!).  Most buyers search on the internet to become familiar with what is available before contacting an agent. Even while working with an agent, buyers still typically do their own searches. According to THIS 2012 joint study between Google and National Association of Realtors® , 90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying process.

Good photographs are therefore essential to marketing your home for sale to create the best possible first impression. Buyers may not be interested in going for a showing if the pictures create a vast misrepresentation of the homes quality and characteristics. Professional quality real estate photography pictures that portray the home accurately and highlight the best features is another way to get a leg up on competition and make your home stand out among the numerous listings with bad pictures.

Don’t include useless photos.  You want to give buyers a general idea of the home but leave them wanting to see more by setting up a showing. Don’t include useless pictures just to fill up the allotted 25 pictures in the MLS.

Properly utilize light.  Take advantage of natural light as much as possible by taking photos during a sunny day. Open the blinds to make the windows look transparent.  Turn on all interior lights to eliminate shadows which make a room look smaller.

Show some flooring and some ceiling. This combination gives buyers a more full view of the home.

Importance of Real Estate Photography when Selling Your Home