Beer With Mike Was A Good Start

by | Dec 6, 2023

Before joining Relevate I had been with five different firms over seven years. I owned the last one, which was gratifying to my ego, but was really just another distraction and did nothing to increase my production and take-home earnings.

So I was averaging 17 transactions a year, and

… that’s okay, if by “okay” you mean being stuck way below what I knew I was capable of.

So that’s where I was. I definitely had a lot of energy and effort to give my clients. I had real estate skills, but no systems and no support, and no clue how to put that in place for myself.

So I heard about Relevate, and went and drank some beer with the founder, Mike Regan, who it turned out was a legit, published process improvement expert. They had already spent years developing systems and hiring and training licensed agents to handle ALL the basics of marketing and client service, so I could just show up and focus on building my business and not getting wrapped up in all the details.

So I jumped on board, and in the first year I tripled my business from 17 to 52 transactions, and took home incredibly more income to my family than ever before, and also gave my clients much better service. I found out that

it’s fun to close multiple transactions a week, it’s stupid fun.

Anyone can triple their business by leveraging this system. You have to trust it and put in the work. Listen, if you want to talk to a real person about how it works and make sure this isn’t fake or smoke and mirrors, just call or text me and I’ll be glad to take the time to talk with you about it.

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