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by | Dec 14, 2023

I’ve been a CSM at Relevate for almost two and a half years. As CSMs, we’re very strong in all the details of client service and paperwork. Sales Agents are better at earning the trust of clients in the first place, and negotiating. Our job is basically to help Sales Agents in any area of real estate that wouldn’t be as profitable for them to spend their time doing.

Doing showings is where we save our agents the most time. Some agents, when they first join us, are nervous that the client might wonder why they aren’t doing the showings. Some agents do the first few showings for each client, or do all the showings for higher-end clients. Other agents don’t do ANY showings. But I will say, in any case

I’ve never, in the two and a half years I’ve been here, had one client question why I’m showing the home instead of the agent.

That’s because we are do just as good a job as the agent could do, because that’s what we love to do and we’re very diligent during the process. And clients are super grateful to be able to see homes on THEIR schedule, instead of waiting for their busy agent to be free.

My role during listings, for most agents, is pretty much everything from start to finish until we go live. I do all the details of getting the listing ready, filling out the feature sheets, understanding the updates that have been done, walking the client through the disclosures, spending the time answering their questions, making sure they’re emotionally ready for the process. Then once we’re listed, I do all of the follow up with agents, making sure we get the feedback and answering their questions, and keeping my agent totally up to date so she can be very informed when she talks to the sellers.

Sometimes agent who are considering Relevate are afraid us CSMs might steal their clients. Once they get to know us though, they learn pretty fast that CSMs are very much so, a helping mindset.

I have no desire to have my own clients. I have not 1% of me wants to be an agent. That’s why I’m in CSM role.

We like the role we’re in, we enjoy what we’re doing.

One of the best things about Relevate is all the proven processes that are already in place. That took years of trial and error and leadership. Agents who join us can skip over all the painful parts of putting great systems in place, and just reap the benefits for their businesses and their lives. You can count on us CSMs to follow those processes very closely. And the beauty of it is we’re a process improvement company, so the improvement process doesn’t stop, we are always getting better.

Some agents feel like a CSM might cost too much. It’s true that if you don’t want to grow, and you don’t use the time we free up for you to go out prospecting for more clients, then yes, we’re an expense. And maybe that’s worth it just to get some life balance. But

If you want to grow, then we’re a GREAT INVESTMENT.

Think about if you spend $1000 for having me save you 35 hours of work during a transaction, and you use that time to touch base with your past clients and sphere of influence. You’ll probably get two or three or five more clients, and that will return your investment in paying me about ten times over.

If you have any questions at all, I’d be glad to share my experienced. Just call or text me and we’ll set up a time to talk 🙂


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