I Keep MORE of My Commission Than Other Top Agents

by | Dec 12, 2023

I got off to a fast start at Relevate, closing $9.2 million my first year, and $31 million my second year. I get recruiting calls all the time, and people ask me, “Now that you’re established, why do you stay there?” Well, the reason is that

Relevate is the ONLY brokerage that provides agents like me with a team that handles the majority of the marketing and client service work.

Relevate does the hiring, training, and managing for me and they give me what I need at a very high level of quality, and at a very reasonable cost.

Look, I’m a mom with three young kids, I’m the chairman of the board of a local non-profit, I’m very involved at my CrossFit gym, and I have a husband I love to spend time with. The support at Relevate allows me to be there fully for all those important parts of my life. I never feel like I need to answer my phone 24/7.

And listen to what I’m telling you now:


I’ve SEEN the numbers for teams out there doing the SAME VOLUME I’m doing, and I guarantee you I’m taking home at least 20% more of my gross commission income than they are.

There IS a better way to be a top producing agent. Relevate invented it, and it’s here waiting for any agents who are humble enough to consider new ideas. I’d be glad to sit down with you and answer your questions and show you the numbers in black and white. Just text me and we’ll find a time to get together. 

Laura Richardson    |    919-904-0756  |    laura.richardson@relevate.life