A Sustainable System Even in Tough Times

by | Nov 23, 2023

Obviously everyone in real estate knows the market has slowed quite a bit this year. I will say though, I’m actually having a very good year, and I think a big part of that is the Relevate marketing system.

I know a lot of agents, for their marketing, they purchase leads, or do cold calling or random email blasts or open houses, but I think the reason the Relevate referral-based system is working so well for me in this slower year is that

When things are uncertain for people, that’s when they really need someone they trust, someone they have a relationship with.

It’s just a lot more sustainable even in tough times because people are more, not suspicious of the market, but sort of discerning and more careful.

I’m gonna be honest, our marketing team does 70% of the work for me by planning, executing, and delivering the marketing campaigns each month, which gives me a solid and comfortable reason to call and really connect with people. Also, our point system has been pretty key for me, it gamifies the process and definitely keep me motivated and focused to stay consistent with my calls and outreach. As a result, I get a constant stream of referred leads, and I close about one out of every two, so that’s strong.

So I’m really grateful. And if I find something good I’m not going to just keep it to myself. I want good for other people. So if you want to meet up I’d be happy to share my story and answer any questions you have. Just  text or call me and we can get together.

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