Having My BEST Year Ever in a DOWN Market

by | Nov 22, 2023

I understand for most agents this year, that’s not true in any way, shape, or form. The last two years I was at 15, 16 million in volume, and

In 2023 I closed $15M and went into 2024 with an additional $7M already pending!

People ask me all the time, what are you doing that’s different? And I tell them one main thing is that I focus on ONLY the things that ONLY I can do. My firm hires and trains and manages very high quality marketing and client service support for me, and that frees me up to not only go out and engage with my network and consult at a very high level with my clients, but also allows me to have lots of time for my wife and my young kids. 

I’m able to lean on my team and know that everything’s taken care of. My team here helps me better execute on being the agent that my clients expect and need me to be. That’s the reason I’ve been able to continue to grow my business in 2023.

Part of who I am is I want to share what’s good with other people. I want other agents to have the same experience I’m having,  to be able to focus on what you’re really good at and not have to focus on every single detail. If any of what I’ve said resonates with the questions you’re asking about what’s next for your real estate career, I’m happy to have a conversation. Reach out to me, and we’ll set up time and I’ll explain what my life has looked like here and what you could expect here as well.

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