Relevate Growth Rewards Full Explanation

by | Nov 21, 2023

Relevate Growth Rewards is a multi-level compensation program, designed to reward our team members who help Relevate grow, when they refer in high-quality agents who join us. This program gives our agents a chance to build a downline of productive agents, with the potential of large and consistent passive income.

By implementing this, we did NOT become a multi-level marketing company where the whole purpose of the company is to build a pyramid. We are, and always will be, focused on building the best systems and support for agents who have the ability and determination to become top producers. The purpose of the Relevate Growth Rewards program is simply to generously reward those who help us grow and achieve the goal for which Relevate was created… to revolutionize the residential real estate industry, to take it to a dramatically higher level of efficiency and quality, for the benefit of Sales Agents, Support Team Members, and of course Sellers and Buyers.

So… how does this Relevate Growth Rewards program work?

Before we jump into the details of the Relevate Growth Rewards program, it’s important to ask the question…

Why Should We Even Grow in the First Place?

It IS super important for us to grow for two reasons: The first reason is because of a belief that I personally have as the founder of Relevate. The second reason is how growth benefits each of us individually.

First, a belief I have as the founder of Relevate.

First, I’m going to tell you a very strong belief I have so you can understand where I’m coming from. The Relevate Real Estate System we are blessed with here did not come out of my brain, at least not directly. As a Christian, I believe as the Bible says, “All good things come from the Lord” (paraphrase of James 1:17). The Relevate Real Estate System is too good, too special, too incredibly industry-changing and life-changing, and frankly too big of a deal, to have come from any dumb human. I believe God blessed us with a system of doing real estate that is MUCH better for clients, for support team members (in fact, most of our positions do not even exist at other brokerages) and for Sales Agents. I believe all of us have a responsibility to share this gift with all those whose lives it will make better. For me, and I hope for many of you, this isn’t just a job, this is too special, it is part of what God put us here for. What we have here at Relevate is a gift, and it sure as heck wasn’t meant just for a small group of people in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

But also, Growth benefits each of us individually in many ways, among which are:

  • First, growth provides more job security and growth opportunities for current and future support team members.
  • Second, as we grow, our economies of scale and economies of learning (which means getting better at things when you do them more often) cause increased quality, reduced cost, and continual improvement of every process, which adds to our list of innovations. We’ve done this consistently, and there is much more to come. Remember, no other brokerage even HAS:
    • Client Service Managers, Marketing campaign planning and implementation, the Relevate CRM/Software (Activities & Results Scoreboards, Buyer/Seller Matchup, Automated Quick CMAs, Live CMAs, Sales Agent P&L Statements , AQCMA, LCMA, P&Ls, Campaign Management, etc.)  |  Listing Success (RRs, Project Management, Staging). None of these are perfect, nor will they ever be, but they are huge competitive advantages for our Sales Agents and are definitely always improving.
  • And many more advantages, such as… More listings in BSMU  |  Growth of the Relevate brand helps all Sales Agents  |  Support teams in more cities enabling agents to serve clients in those locations  | Increased value of SARS.


Okay, so given that it is super important for us to grow… 

Why Grow via Relevate Growth Rewards?

The first reason is that…

Multi-level reward systems are the undisputed best growth-creation method in residential real estate brokerage.

  • Keller Williams became the largest brokerage of all time thanks in large part to their multi-level profit-sharing model, and now eXp is the fastest-growing brokerage of all time thanks to it’s multi-level REVENUE-sharing model. Two interesting notes about this:
    • First, much of eXp’s growth has come from Keller Williams agents who left because the KW profit-sharing model was not reliable. That’s because it depended on the profitability of local offices, and profitability can change based on which and how many expenses are included in the calculation, which are out of the control of the agents in the program. eXp’s model is much better because it’s based on REVENUE, which is not impacted by expenses, so it’s much more reliable and lucrative.
    • Second, our multi-level compensation program is ALSO REVENUE based, and as you’ll see in a moment, it is actually MUCH more lucrative than eXp’s program in almost all scenarios.


The second reason to grow via Relevate Growth Rewards is that…

Most of our best agents have always come to us by referral anyway…

… and this type of reward system is an excellent and fair way to share the financial rewards of growth with those who refer in those agents. We want OUR TEAM to have these benefits and not have to go to eXp or anywhere else to get them.


And the third reason to growth via Relevate Growth Rewards is that…

Multi-level Compensation structures create more collaboration…

In two ways:

  • First, sponsors are motivated to help everyone in their downline to grow their own business, and
  • Second, downlines are cooperating with each other to increase bonus pools (more on that in a moment).


How the Relevate Growth Rewards System Works

Okay, let’s dive in and show you some examples of how the system works. 

The numbers we are showing here assume all participants meet the basic qualifications for the program, which I’ll explain in a moment, and are producing consistently at the volume levels shown in the examples. Based on those assumptions, if a Sales Agent named Alvin has just two people in his downline, and he and they are producing at the levels shown, Alvin would receive $600 per month in compensation, or $7,200 per year.

If Alvin was at eXp in the exact same scenario, he would receive $5,600 per year. 

Now, a BIG point to understand is that the compensation Alvin receives does NOT come from the pockets of the agents in Alvin’s downline. ALL compensation for this program, in every case, comes from RELEVATE’S SHARE OF THE SPLIT.

In the next example, JANE has three people directly under her, and two of them have another person under them. In this scenario, Jane would receive $18,360 in compensation per year, compared to only $8,400 if she were with eXp with the exact same downline and production levels.

An important note here, and this applies to all our examples, if a licensed Relevate employee were the first to meet with Annie one-on-one and explain the benefits of Relevate, that employee would be partnered with the sponsoring Sales Agent, Jane in this case, and the employee would share equally in the rewards with Jane all the way through that part of the downline. And they can be the first to meet with as many “Annies” as they wish, and share in the downline compensation for all of those.

You might ask, “Why can’t licensed employees participate in the exact same way as Sales Agents?” The reason is that agents who join us through this program get to choose who their “sponsor” is, the person in whose downline they will live. They will often want to choose someone who will help them grow their business, since their sponsor will have a financial incentive to help them, and for that reason, Sales Agents, with their experience in growing their own businesses, will be more attractive potential sponsors.

We don’t want our licensed employees to make big efforts to refer Sales Agents into Relevate and then continually lose out because the new agent chooses a Sales Agent as their sponsor instead of the Relevate licensed employee who referred them in. Thus, they partner with an existing Relevate Sales Agent whom the joining agent wants to have as their sponsor, and share the compensation. 

One additional point, the employee must be licensed to participate because the compensation is considered real estate commission, and it’s not legal for a brokerage to pay commission to an unlicensed person.

The next example is Roger, who has five agents directly below him, three agents two levels down, and two more agents three levels down. In this case Roger would earn $73,080 per year, compared to $14,000 per year in the exact same situation at eXp.

In this example, a big part of the increase in compensation in that Roger is qualified as a “Director”, which gives him the opportunity to share in the total revenue of the entire firm. More on that in a moment.

The next example is of Shari, who has six Sales Agents directly below her, six more two levels below, and six more three levels below. In this scenario, her compensation would be $98,640 per year, compared with $48,000 at eXp. This example also includes her total firm revenue sharing.

Finally, our last example is Fred’s downline. He has ten agents in each of four levels below him. His total compensation from his downline in this scenario would be $465,600 per year as compared to $92,000 in the same scenario at eXp. In this case, Fred has also qualified as a “Chairperson”, which entitled him to a higher level of total firm revenue sharing.

Now that we’ve shared several examples, let’s dive into …

The Detailed “Rules” of the Relevate Growth Rewards Program

The first table below shows four different ranks participants can achieve that impact how much they earn from the agents in their downlines, and determines qualification for total firm revenue sharing. In order to be qualified, the Sales Agent must have closed at least one transaction with Relevate, and must also be meeting current Relevate production standards, which you can learn more about in the link below.

The Rank Table

Once a person is qualified, they are at the rank of Business Leader, which means only that they are participating in the RGR program.

The next rank is Executive. To qualify for this rank, and the resulting higher compensation from their downline, the Sales Agent must have two qualified agents directly below them, and their six-month sales volume from them and their downline, must add up to $10 million or more. Note that no more than 50% of this total volume can come from their own personal production, and no more than 50% of the total can come from any one leg of their downline. This six-month volume criterion applies to all ranks.

The next rank is Director. To qualify for this rank, the Sales Agent must have five qualified agents directly below them, and $30 million in six month volume between them and their downline, subject to the same 50% criterion.  Finally, to qualify for the Chairperson rank, the Sales Agent must have 10 qualified agents directly below them, and $100 million in six month volume, again subject to the same 50% criterion.

Note that these criteria are evaluated at the end of each month to determine compensation for the previous month, and it is possible for the Sales Agent to move up and down ranks each month if the applicable factors change.


The Compensation Per Level Per Rank Table

The next table below shows how being at different ranks determines the compensation received from each level in the Sales Agent’s downline. For example, a Business Leader will receive 7% of the Relevate split revenue for any closings in the previous month for agents two levels below the Business Leader, whereas a Director or Chairperson would receive 9%.

An important note about this table is that the compensation for the sponsoring agent is significantly higher for the first three transactions after an agent joins Relevate. This factor was not included in the examples we shared earlier.

What WAS included in the examples above was the …

Monthly bonus pools for which Directors and Chairpersons qualify

That compensation works like this:

  • 2% of ALL Relevate revenue (the 20% management investment) is shared equally among all Director and Chairperson ranked participants that month.
  • An additional 2% of Relevate revenue is shared among all those at Chairperson level proportionate to their downline volume.

*Note that Training Investment revenue is not included because that goes to partially compensate Relevate for training newer agents.

Now that I’ve explained all of this, I can tell you that the downline and compensation examples I shared with you earlier assumed that there were 4, 4 and 6 Directors in the Medium, Large, and Established examples respectively, and that we assumed there was only one Chairperson in the Established example, and a proportionate estimated total firm volume funded the bonus pools.

And finally, one important point to understand… the incoming agent is the one who decides whose downline they will join. Normally this will be one of the first people they talked to at Relevate, or the person who had the most influence on them to join us, but they will sometimes consider other criteria as well, such as who they think can help their real estate career and their ability to build their own downline.

Before we finish this explanation, I am required at this point to make the following legal disclaimer, which I think will make complete sense as I do:

Relevate Real Estate cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of any information shared about the RGR program here or in any communications about the program, and although we do not intend to change any part of this program, we must reserve the right to do so in the event we discover an issue, that in our sole discretion, must be corrected by changing the program. By participating in this program you agree to hold Relevate Real Estate harmless from liability for any errors in our presentation of this program; or changes in this program that we, in our sole discretion, deem necessary to make.


Okay, with that boring legal stuff out of the way, let’s talk briefly about our short and longer-term growth plans and how YOU can get started …

Our Growth Goals and Plans

  • Our plan is to focus on growth ONLY in the Triangle area until it is clear we have the momentum to reach 300 agents spread throughout the Triangle, and that will be our limit here. Given our average agent production, that will make Relevate one of the top three firms in our area, but will not be so many agents that we’ll be overlapping each each other.
  • After that, we will apply the lessons we learned while growing here, to Charlotte, Atlanta, Nashville, Richmond, Tampa/St Petersburg, and other similar cities.


NOW, let’s talk about the most important part of this program… YOU.

 How Can YOU Start Building Your Own Relevate Rewards?

  • First, think of Sales Agents who YOU think would be a good fit for Relevate. Remember, these must be agents who have the ability and determination to become top producing agents within several years, and who just need the right system to help them get there.
  • Reach out and set up a one-on-one in-person conversation with them, or zoom if in-person is not possible, to explain what you like about Relevate, and why you think it would be good for them. Then, Introduce them to me via email or text, and be prepared to meet with me and the potential Sales Agent.
    • It will be very helpful for you to watch the educational/motivational videos I have filmed explaining the Relevate system (these are all listed in the links below), both to help you explain our approach, AND so you can send those links as further education to the people you reach out to about Relevate.

Finally, a further opportunity you have is to work with Mike to make short video about your own experience with Relevate, that we can post on the website and send out to thousands of agents proactively, prompting those agents to set up a meeting with you directly. Check out the links below for some examples of videos that are already out there working for these agents.

In addition, I know you probably have some questions, and we’ve answered most of them below in the Frequently Asked Questions area of the article below.

We are very excited to offer these growth opportunities to you, and we look forward to seeing you build a large passive income stream in addition to your income as a very successful real estate agent here at Relevate. Come talk to me any time because I want to support you in your efforts 100%.

Now, go set up those meeting with those wonderful agents who you think will be a great fit for Relevate, and enjoy the conversations. You are about to change their businesses and lives forever, as well as your own.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Will we be lowering our standards in order to grow? Our production standards and Core Values will apply to those we agree to bring in, and those who are part of our team.

Will participants be able to continue to receive payments from their downline in retirement? Participants will be able to continue to receive compensation during retirement provided they are over 60 years old (or are unable to work), and are not working with any other real estate brokerage. SAs must have five TP years, and employees must have logged the equivalent of five years of hours. Alternatively, your downline may be sold to another approved person.

What if a person leaves, does their spot remain vacant, or do the people below “move up”?  Their spot remains vacant.

If you are not yet part of Relevate Real Estate and you’d like to learn more, you can use THIS LINK to set up a time to talk at your convenience.