As a working mother, it can be hard to find time for activities that keep my 18 month old, myself, and my soon-to-be second child happy and healthy.

But recently I hit the jackpot by finding something for everyone all in one place. I started out by signing up for a prenatal yoga class at Bliss Body Yoga, at the Marketplace at Lake Boone shopping center across from Rex hospital.

Bliss Body Yoga

This is NOT me in this picture of Bliss Body Yoga!

The Marketplace is a fairly new shopping center, and I was curious to see what kind of shops they have. As I left class one day, I happened to notice a place called The Tumble Gym that looked like fun for my 18 month old, too. The little guy is getting more active and I figured this could be a good way for him to get some exercise and exhaust him as he is a high energy kid.

The Tumble Gym

This little guy is a bundle of energy.

The Tumble Gym is basically a gymnastics school, but not the kind that’s geared mainly for older kids with Olympic dreams. They do a lot of activities and classes for pre-kindergarten kids, and it’s small so the parents can watch or even participate with their children.

The Tumble Gym

Learning with mom!


We went in for a Saturday class called Tiny Tumblers, and my little guy had a great time attempting to hang from the bars and rolling around on the mats and the big, primary-colored squishy blocks. He did a few sprints back and forth across the long trampoline and such, but it was definitely low pressure with a lot of laughing and wiggling going on.

The Tumble Gym

Sprinting across the trampoline.

And by the end of it he was pretty worn out, which was a bonus for me, too.

The Tumble Gym

All worn out!