Upgraded Kitchens Sell Homes

The kitchen is the heart of the home where people will spend the most time.  We have found that making this room as attractive and updated as possible has a strong positive influence on buyers decision to purchase your home.

Granite countertops in the kitchen. They are almost a necessity in the Raleigh area if you expect your home to sell for over $250,000. You should be able to get them for $45 per square foot, installed. Go with a standard, lower-priced choice. For higher-end homes, consider granite in the master bath as well. For homes under $250,000, consider granite-looking laminate countertops, or if there is an island in the kitchen, you can consider putting granite there only.

Stainless steel appliances. You should be able to get a refrigerator, oven, microwave, and dishwasher for under $2500. If you’re current appliances are white or cream color, this is especially important. Black appliances may be okay if they are fairly new.

Cabinets. It is expensive to completely replace cabinets.  Consider painting your cabinets instead to give them a fresh, up to date appearance.  Changing out the hardware or adding some if you previously had none can also completely change their appearance.

Fixtures & Faucets.  Don’t forget, buyers love to turn on the sink when touring homes. Changing out your faucet and fixtures give a kitchen an immediate face lift.  These details also make all the difference to complete the whole upgraded kitchen effect.


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