Alice Lutz

Alice Lutz

CEO of Triangle Family Services

3927 Western Boulevard | Raleigh 27606

I moved to the Triangle in 1988 looking for job opportunities. We chose our home based accessibility to downtown, lake, and country. We also wanted to have an acre of land. My advice for newcomers is simple – Get involved in the community!

I am the CEO of Triangle Family Services. Since 1937, Triangle Family Services (TFS) has served as a safety net for the community. TFS accomplishes its mission of “Building a Stronger Community by Strengthening the Family” through the focus areas of Family Safety, Financial Stability, and Mental Health. These direct family services in most instances directly impact children from economically disadvantaged and/or abused homes. Our goal is to provide a “hand up” not a “hand out.” We also offer free financial education classes to the public!

The impact of Triangle Family Services on the Triangle community is vast and far reaching. Each year, we serve nearly 7,000 families through the three core program service areas of Financial Stability, Family Safety, and Mental Health. Our results and evidence-based outcomes are strong and have been recognized on a local, state, and national level. Our programs are used as models for programs which are replicated throughout the state.

My advice for success is: Listen. Be accessible. Be humble. Be honest. Our favorite thing to do in the Triangle is hiking at Falls Lake State Park. The park is just moments away from the hustle and bustle of the city and is a great way to escape urban life. My favorite restaurant is Margaux’s on Creedmoor Road in North Raleigh.