greg moore

Greg Moore

Pastor, All Saints’ United

Methodist Church | 919-321-2648

I moved to the Triangle in 2000 from Charleston, South Carolina, to go to graduate school at Duke University. We built a home in Brightleaf. The location is central to the Triangle and is central to our jobs. One of the gifts of the Triangle is that it is always receiving new people. The Triangle has cultivated this real sense of hospitality to the point that it is magnetic. It drew us in and now we get to do the same for so many others. My advice for someone moving to the Triangle would be to get lost on a Saturday and see the neighborhoods. Each place has its own personality and flavor. What do you see? What don’t you see? Who do you see? Who don’t you see? Those are good questions to ask. Find what fits your personality.

All Saints’ United Methodist Church is a Christian community in the heart of Brier Creek. We are seeking to gather people into communion with God, communion with our neighbors, and communion with the world. This area is comprised of so many transient people who have been disconnected from normal patterns, relationships, and their home church. Our goal is that All Saint’s becomes a new place for people to find new friends and vocation. We are helping to connect them with God and their new world.

My top tip for success is that success for me is not what I’m chasing; I’m chasing faithfulness. My life will have been a success if I’m faithful to God, faithful to who God has made me to be, and faithful to those who God has given me to love. My favorite thing to do in the Triangle is to go to the Museum of Life and Sciences in Durham with my two sons. My favorite restaurant is Bin Rouge in Durham – it is as good as it gets for me. It’s French and their food is phenomenal.

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